Company concept 

Bel Air carries out helicopter operations and maintenance for customers, who value quality, safety, precision and exceptional flexibility adapted to the individual customer.

Bel Air strategy

We will be visible, active and good business partners to our customers, suppliers and to the authorities.

Bel Air is a company with clear positions. We give top priority to safety and environment – both in relation to our customers and our employees. We want to be in front technologically. However, we make a point of not using the technology at any price. The technology is there to ensure our customers a convenient and fast service, and to ensure that costs are kept down, so that we are always able to offer competitive prices.

We must be able to deliver a flexible custom-made operation of high quality at the right time.

We wish to become the preferred workplace for highly competent employees - leading within safety, service, maintenance, training, documentation and procedures. We also wish to be the preferred operator with focus on partnership and close cooperation with our customers. 

We will always treat others as we would wish them to treat us. This earns respect and makes us stronger as a team.