AW189 helicopter

AW189 is one of the most modern
and flexible helicopters in the world.
It is bigger than AW139 and smaller
and more economical than the biggest
offshore helicopters.

AW189 is a super-medium size helicopter with a capacity for 16-19 passengers and 2 pilots. Bel Air has configured the helicopter to 16 passengers and 2 pilots for better comfort during flights. 

AW189 is designed with the latest CS\JAR\FAR 29 and exceeds the airworthiness requirements of the most recent EASA/FAA amendments in the transport category (part 29), qualifying for the most stringent guidelines within the offshore industry. AW189 is approved PC1 and floats are certified for SeaState 6 and it has 50 minutes dry-run capacity.

About the AW189 helicopter (Source AgustaWestland):

The AW189 is the latest-generation 8.6 tons, twin-engine helicopter, designed to answer the growing offshore market demand for a safe, versatile, multirole super medium class helicopter:

  • Designed to meet tough offshore demands to safety, performance and passenger comfort.
  • Certified after the latest and highest European safety standards for helicopters.
  • Flotation system certified for ditching up to Sea State 6.
  • Spacious cabin configured with 16 seats as standard.
  • Exceeds the airworthiness requirements of the most recent international safety requirements EASA/FAA Part 29, AIR OPERATIONS and FAA thus qualifying for the most stringent guidelines of the major Oil and Gas companies.
  • The main gearbox benefits from an unparalleled 50 minute ‘dry-run’ capability, exceeding current certification standards and offering unmatched safety and reliability for long range offshore operations, thus making it the best in the world.
  • Powered by two GE CT7-2E1 engines, delivering high speed and superior performance in hover and Cat. A
  • The cockpit design, incorporating the latest in advanced situational awareness technologies reduces crew workload and enhances safety.

After thorough tests and training in cooperation with Agusta Westland we had first flight in November 2014.The AW189 is developed by the AgustaWestland team and it is one of the most modern and flexible helicopters in the world. Since then Bel Air is fleetleader for this type of helicopter worldwide as the company that has flown the highest number of hours on AW189.