Bel Air services

Bel Air is very focused on the core competencies – offshore aviation, maintenance and training. We are specialised in AW139 and AW189 helicopters.

Bel Air Offshore 


Offshore Oil and gas service

By means of its experienced employees, Bel Air has a great expertise in offshore operations – to platforms, rigs, ships and other vessels.


Windmills Offshore Wider

Offshore Wind turbine service

Bel Air has experience in flying to offshore wind farms. We have a team of employees with great experience within offshore windfarm operations - both pilots and technicians.

AW139 hoist Wider

HEMS helicopter services

Bel Air has highly qualified pilots and in-house experience with hoisting, HEMS, HICAMS and SAR. Our two-engined helicopters fulfill the highest offshore safety requirements within performance class 1, Cat A.

Beliar offshore services on platform

Ad-hoc helicopter services

At Bel Air, we have a very versatile helicopter at our disposal, which is able to carry out all kinds of flights, e.g. offshore, VIP, freight flights, sling- and hoist flights.

Agusta Westland Service Center

Bel Air Maintenance Centre

Bel Air’s technical department has its own EASA Part 145 approval as well as G and I approvals and is an authorised AgustaWestland Service centre.


Statistics on precision

Since starting up offshore and by the end of 2017, the Bel Air team achieved flight on time statistics of 99.1% on time.

Landinger offshore.jpg

Landings offshore

Since starting up offshore, Bel Air has carried out 87.232 safe landings.