HEMS helicopter services

For helicopter Emergency Medical Services Bel Air has highly qualified pilots and in-house experience with hoisting, HEMS, HICAMS and SAR. Our two-engined helicopters fulfill the highest offshore safety requirements within performance class 1, Cat A.




Bel Air has a highly qualified team of flexible employees including pilots with extensive experience with hoisting and we can offer Helicopter Emergency Medical Services, High Intensive Care Medical Services and Search and Rescue. We can offer doctor and paramedic services and telemedicine 24/7/365 in close cooperation with highly specialized partners and thus we can ensure the complete necessary rescue chain also for offshore windfarms. Our helicopters fulfil the highest offshore safety demands within performance class 1 Cat. A and will be fully equipped for HEMS and HICAMS operations with hoist equipment, medical equipment and fully functional with two pilots, hoist operator, doctor and paramedic and room for patients on stretcher.