Bel Air's dream team

Bel Air’s board of directors consists of hand-picked and carefully selected members with each their individual main competences, which strengthen Bel Air and give a high degree of credibility

Selection of directors for the board

The members of the board of directors have been selected in relation to the shifting challenges at Bel Air.

Furthermore, it has been decisive with a good personal chemistry, in order for the board – in cooperation with the Bel Air management – to be able to concentrate 100% on the company’s operation and future perspectives.

Exciting and challenging

Bel Air is facing an exciting and challenging development in the years to come.

With a really great board of directors; with some of the absolutely most capable leading employees within aviation; and employees who are dedicated to their assignments, Bel Air is prepared for future challenges.

Our professionally working board of directors consists of:


Gert Kristiansen



Jan Børjesson

Member of the board, GK Management



Chairman of the board, Lawyer and partner at DLA Piper entitled to appear before the Danish Supreme Court 



Susanne Hessellund


Dennis Vad Lauridsen        


Owner, Managing director and pilot at Bel Air


Member of the board, Trusted Advisor and Investor