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Dedicated, result-oriented and having a heart in all that we do

In Bel Air we regard the operation of the company as a common responsibility. We expect from each individual employee that he or she is consistently aware of any improvements in efficiency and quality. Responsibility and competence must be delegated to the greatest extent possible in order to generate a sense of responsibility and job satisfaction.

Great adaptability

Management is responsible for a continuous adaptation of the organisation and the resources to the changes that take place in market and competitive conditions.

For this reason, management must continuously stay updated and consider the customers’ needs and this way be at the cutting edge of the situation – including competition and price parameters as well as supply security.

Honesty and cooperation

Management attaches great importance to being open and honest to each other. There must be confidence in swift knowledge sharing about operations, safety and cooperation going in both directions in the company.

Cooperation is a precondition – and a matter of course in Bel Air.

Being together is a beginning.
Staying together is progress.
Working together is success.